Rachel Elliott is a writer and psychotherapist. 

She was born in Suffolk, and grew up in Norfolk and the Midlands. She spent most of her childhood cycling around a cul-de-sac or reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. These books planted a seed in her brain: there is never just one story, there is always another possibility. 

Rachel has worked as an academic researcher, a Sociology lecturer, a volunteer Cruse counsellor and honorary psychotherapist in the outpatient department of a psychiatric hospital. For ten years, she was a subeditor and writer for publishing houses in Bath and Bristol, including the BBC, Future Publishing and the Institute of Physics. She has written articles and fiction for various publications, including the Guardian, the French Literary Review, For Book’s Sake, Female First and numerous digital arts magazines.

Since 2005, Rachel has run a psychotherapy practice in Bath, where she is fortunate enough to work with individuals whose attempts to make sense of things and overcome their difficulties is continually life-affirming. She is passionate about the destigmatisation of mental illness and the restorative power of books.

When she is not working, Rachel can often be found walking a miniature schnauzer called Henry around Bath. He is far more extroverted than her. He talks to people. They give him crisps.

Whispers Through a Megaphone is Rachel’s first novel.